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All BMC Remedy AR Server messages with detailed description and developers comments.

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ARERR 1903

Function error in active link. Please verify number of function arguments and data types.


One of the following errors occurred in a function used in an active link:

* The number of parameters passed to the function did not match the number expected.

* A parameter that requires a value had a NULL or unknown value.

* A parameter had an incorrect value type. For example, a character value was passed when an integer value was required.

* A parameter had an incorrect field type. For example, the function requires a table field, but a character field was specified at design time.

To troubleshoot this error, check the workflow log to identify the active link and the action in which the error occurred (for information about workflow logging, see the Optimizing and Troubleshooting Guide). Analyze the action for inconsistencies between the values specified for its function parameters at design time and the values expected at runtime.

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