List of all BMC Remedy ARS errors

All BMC Remedy AR Server messages with detailed description and developers comments.

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AR System server terminated when a signal/exception was received by the server.


The error message includes the signal that was received.

(For UNIX) If the signal is 15, the AR System process was stopped due to a normal shut down command. This signal indicates that the process terminated from a command to do so. If the signal is not 15, AR System server terminated due to a system error.

If the shutdown signal is anything other than normal shutdown, the AR System server has failed and the incident will generate stack output to the arerror.log file. To help resolve this problem, contact BMC Remedy Support and provide the following information:

* The arerror.log file that includes the time of the crash.

* The armonitor.log file that includes the time of the crash. If other AR System processes failed abnormally due to a shutdown of AR System server, or to a server crash, the armonitor.log file will provide information about other processes that failed.

Only those processes that are started with the AR System server by means of an entry in the armonitor.conf file are included in armonitor.log output.

* Any other AR System logs that cover the time of the crash.

* The current version and patch level of the AR System server. The first step in troubleshooting a crash of the AR System server is often to upgrade to the latest patch release of a current version.

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