List of all BMC Remedy ARS errors

All BMC Remedy AR Server messages with detailed description and developers comments.

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RPC environment variable is out of legal range (390600, 390603, 390619 - 390669, 390680 - 390694). NOTE: The value 390603 and the range 390619 - 390669 are specialty servers and may have restricted functionality.


The value of the ARRPC environment variable is not a legal value. To use the default RPC socket, clear this variable. To use the ARRPC environment variable, this value must be 390600 (the admin daemon), 390603 (the escalation daemon), 390619 (the flashboard daemon), 390620 through 390634 (fast daemon), 390635 through 390669 (list daemon), or 390680 through 390694 (private daemon).

The environment variable is being ignored, and processing continues.

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