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All BMC Remedy AR Server messages with detailed description and developers comments.

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Cannot establish a network connection to the AR System server.


The AR System server is inaccessible from the client computer where the error occurred. To resolve this problem, consider these questions and then follow the appropriate suggestions:

* Is the ARERR 90 isolated to a single client computer or user? If so:

Check the configuration on the client computer.

If the configuration is correct, check the network connectivity from the computer where the error is reported.

* Is the error reported to a group of computers or users or systemwide? If so:

Check the network connectivity from a computer where the error is reported.

Make sure the AR System server process is running.

Check the client computer's configuration

* To verify that the server is registered for client access, review the etc/ar file (utilities or other server components) or the Login > Accounts dialog box (Windows clients).

* If no entry is in the ar file or the server is not marked with a green check mark in the Accounts dialog box, add the entry or (on Windows) select it.

* Make sure the server name is spelled correctly in the ar file or the Accounts list in the Windows client Login dialog box.

* If access to the server requires a TCP port (for example, the server is behind a firewall or is not using the portmapper), make sure the correct TCP port is included in the entry.

* If the error was reported in BMC Remedy User, exit and restart BMC Remedy User. The server might have been temporarily inaccessible.

Check the network connectivity

* At a command prompt on a computer where the error is reported, issue a ping command to the server. If the ping command does not return a successful reply, a problem exists with the network connection to the AR System server.

You might need to test the connection to the server using its short name (for example, serverName), its fully qualified domain name (, and its IP address (for example, nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn).

* If necessary, work with a network administrator to resolve the problem.

Check the server process

* Use operating system tools to make sure that the server process (arserverd or arserver.exe) is running.

When the AR System server starts up, error 90 can appear while the server is loading information into the cache. In this case, the server process is running. If this occurs:

(UNIX) Check the arforkd process. If it is running, the server has finished loading the cache.

(Windows) To determine whether the server port is assigned, use NETSTAT -a. The port is set when the cache load is completed.

(UNIX and Windows) Review the arerror.log and armonitor.log files. If the server failed during startup, errors reporting that the server terminated are in these logs.

* If the AR System server is not running, restart it.

Check the UNIX server hosts file

* If the server is configured to use a portmapper (TCP port = 0), make sure the localhost line in the /etc/hosts file is above the hostName line. For example: localhost TestServer

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