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RPC call failed.


AR System clients use the RPC layer to connect to the AR System server's TCP port. This error occurs when an RPC call fails. Causes of this error include but are not limited to

* An invalid RPC packet was detected

* (UNIX) The AR System server is low on file descriptors

On UNIX, the number of file descriptors allocated to the AR System server is determined by an operating system setting in the shell where the server was started. If thread logging is on when the AR System server starts, the number of file descriptors appears in the thread log. For example:

Limits found: current rlimit=8192 - max rlimit=8192

BMC recommends a minimum file descriptor setting of 2048 or 2.5 to 4 times the number of concurrent users, whichever is greater. Concurrent users include other server tier components such a Email Engine, DSO, and custom API programs. To make sure that adequate file descriptors are available in recent releases of AR System, running with file descriptors set to 8192 on UNIX is not uncommon.

On Windows, the default setting of 10,000 file handles is generally sufficient. To see whether a process is using a large number of handles, check Windows Task Manager.

If this is a recurring error and increasing the file descriptors or file handles for the AR System server does not resolve it, turn on ARAPILOGGING for the client that receives the error to isolate the API call that is failing with ARERR 91. For information about client-side API logging, see the Optimizing and Troubleshooting Guide.

A less common cause of this error is running an API program that is incompatible with the AR System server. In this case, recompiling the API program with the same API version used by the AR System server might resolve the error.

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