List of all BMC Remedy ARS errors

All BMC Remedy AR Server messages with detailed description and developers comments.

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Timeout during database query -- consider using more specific search criteria to narrow the results, and retry the operation.


A time-out occurred while data was being retrieved from the server during an ARGetList call (ARGetListEntry, ARGetListEntryWithFields, and so on). This can be caused by poorly specified search criteria or by the database being too busy to respond within the time-out period.

If the error is reproducible, use client-side ARAPILOGGING to isolate the API call that fails with ARERR 94. Then use the information in the client-side API log to isolate the API and SQL SELECT statement associated with the error in the client workflow log or in the server API and SQL logs.

This error is often associated with a query to a form when a large number of records is returned. You can resolve this error by modifying the search to return fewer records. If the error occurs during a workflow search, you might need to modify the workflow actions or adjust the server settings to return fewer records.

Ask your database administrator for help, and review performance of the database. The performance of the AR System server during database updates depends on the performance of the database. BMC strongly recommends that AR System administrators work closely with database support to make sure optimum database tuning.

To check the database response time for the AR System API call that generates this error, run the SELECT statement captured in the SQL log. To do so, log in at the database prompt as the database owner of the AR System server in the environment where the server is running. To more accurately gauge the time, run the statement from the command line, not from a database tool.

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